Popular Yarn | Ice Silk: Cool knitting, naturally more refreshing!

What kind of fabric is ice silk: Ice silk is the trade name of a chemical fiber. Ice silk is also called rayon, viscose fiber, viscose filament, etc. To be precise, it is a modified polyviscose fi...

What kind of fabric is ice silk:

Ice silk is the trade name of a chemical fiber. Ice silk is also called rayon, viscose fiber, viscose filament, etc. To be precise, it is a modified polyviscose fiber or a nylon or spandex blended fabric. This fiber absorbs moisture. Its properties and air permeability are better than ordinary viscose fibers, and it also has better shape retention and drape properties.

Ice silk is mostly made of filament textiles, so it feels droopy and easy to slip when held in the hand. Due to the physical and chemical properties of ice silk, it is suitable for making summer clothing, so ice silk T-shirts came into being.

Ice silk T-shirts are generally light-colored, but due to their good hydrophilicity, they are easily stained with dirt. Some dirt may also penetrate into the fiber, so if you wear it for too long, there will be many residual stains that cannot be washed thoroughly. Therefore, when wearing ice silk clothing, pay attention to washing and changing frequently, and do not wait until the dirt is heavy before washing.

The hygroscopicity of ice silk fabric meets the physiological requirements of the human body, and is smooth, cool, breathable, and resistant. Static and UV resistant. Brilliant colors and good dye fastness.

It has the essence of cotton. silk quality. It is an authentic plant fiber, derived from nature and better than nature. At present, it is widely used in various types of underwear, textiles, clothing, non-woven and other fields.

Advantages of ice silk fabric


Use Broad

Moisture-absorbent and breathable



Smooth and cool

Anti-wind and static electricity



Beautifully dyed

Shape retention




Green and environmentally friendly


Washing method:

You can use ordinary laundry detergent to wash ice silk clothes. It is of course better to use neutral detergent. Do not use alkaline detergent. The washing temperature should not be too high, no more than 40℃. It is best to wash by hand. When using machine washing, you can only use the gentle program. You can spin dry but not excessively. If possible, wet cleaning can be used. Ice silk clothes generally have no wrinkles after drying and can be simply ironed.


Although ice silk fabric has good moisture absorption effect, it is easy to get dirty and easy to stick to dirt. If it is not cleaned for a long time, some stains cannot be washed quickly, so ice silk fabric needs to be changed frequently.


Because the ice silk T-shirt is knitted and the yarn surface is relatively smooth, it is easy to be caught and stripped by sharp objects. Therefore, you must pay attention to all aspects of wearing, washing, ironing, etc. In addition, ice silk clothing will gradually become hard and not soft enough after being exposed to sunlight and air for a long time. Therefore, ice silk T-shirts need to be treated with softener after being washed several times.

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