Popular yarn | Isatis root can actually be used to make clothes?

As people As the requirements for clothing continue to increase, companies continue to develop and innovate, launch various new yarns, functional fiber yarns, and become more and more diversified ...

As people As the requirements for clothing continue to increase, companies continue to develop and innovate, launch various new yarns, functional fiber yarns, and become more and more diversified in terms of differentiation and diversity. With the emergence of the new crown epidemic in 2020, everyone There is an increasing demand for antibacterial fiber fabrics. Therefore, various functional antibacterial fabrics and yarns are increasingly appearing in our lives.

Isatis root should be found in almost every household. It prevents colds, is antibacterial and antiviral, detoxifies, improves immune function, is anti-tumor, anti-leukemia, and prevents and treats influenza A Its effects are well known.

But what you don’t know is that isatis is not only a “cure for all diseases”, but it can also be used to make clothes and dyes?

You must have never thought that isatis root, which is a must-eat for colds, can have such miraculous effects! These pure natural Chinese herbal plants have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-ultraviolet effects, which are not found in ordinary clothing.

Wearing green leaves on the body to resist cold germs sounds incredible, but now someone has really done it. A new type of textile fiber fabric developed using extracts of isatis leaves can resist a variety of germs.

Extract fibers from the leaves of Isatis root and weave them into cloth , the appearance of this special new fabric is no different from ordinary fabrics, and it has no special smell. This fabric is no ordinary fabric. It contains extracts of big green leaves, which can resist a variety of cold germs.

The so-called Daqingye is the leaf of the well-known Isatis root, which contains antibacterial ingredients such as glycosides and ketone organic acids, which are added to the In pure viscose spinning liquid, fibers with antibacterial effects are woven into fibers, and then the fibers are blended into yarn and processed into knitted products. Daqing leaf extract is a yellow-brown powder that smells like traditional Chinese medicine. Knitted clothing made from the extract has obvious antibacterial effects on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, etc.

Special fabric characteristics of fiber extracted from Isatis root leaves In addition to being antibacterial and anti-odor, it also has some features that other fabrics do not have. For example, Isatis fabric does not require the addition of chemicals during post-processing. It is a purely natural fabric, so it is more suitable for making close-fitting underwear.

Natural blue-dyed plant: Daqingye It is a heat-clearing and detoxifying medicine

Isatis root as a dye It has a longer history than medicine. The “blue” in “Green comes from blue and is better than blue” comes from indigo, and one of the blue grasses used in indigo is isatis root.

Many people may not understand the relationship between indigo plants and traditional Chinese medicine.

Plant dyeing uses vegetation as raw materials and water as dye solution. The dyer must immerse the fabric in the dye vat over and over again, deepening and solidifying the color layer by layer, and finally achieve the essential meaning of the traditional color “blue”. This kind of The in-depth manual methods determine the medicinal value of indigo dyeing.

Indigo dyeing uses traditional Chinese medicinal materials: Daqingye and Indigo as the dyeing liquid. The raw materials are dyed again and again, so they have the effects of clearing heat, cooling blood, eliminating spots, and anti-virus. The natural blue-dyed fabric will emit a natural and clean herbal fragrance that will last for a long time.

It uses the “convincing spirit” of traditional Chinese medicine through the skin-friendly nature of human wear. Therapy – you can cure the disease by smelling it. The effect is spread throughout the body by breathing and penetrating the skin.

Its color is different from sharp chemical dyeing. It is particularly connotative and durable, with a unique taste. And the more you wash it, the better it becomes.

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