Popular Yarn | Tiancan Silk: The “Emerald” in the Fiber World

Celestial silk is a kind of silk that can be maintained without dyeing Natural green wild silk. It has a shimmering luster and a soft feel, and is known as the "emerald" in the fiber world. Its...

Celestial silk is a kind of silk that can be maintained without dyeing Natural green wild silk. It has a shimmering luster and a soft feel, and is known as the “emerald” in the fiber world.

Its economic value is extremely high, generally It is 30 times higher than mulberry silk and 50 times higher than tussah silk. Its fineness is slightly thicker than mulberry silk and similar to tussah silk. Due to the extremely low output, only part of it is added to the mulberry silk fabric as an embellishment.

In daily life, we often use “Things are rare and valuable” is used to describe rare items, and this idiom is most appropriate to describe Tiansi silk. Tian silk is rare and expensive. The price per kilogram in the international market is as high as 3,000 to 5,000 US dollars, which is nearly a hundred times higher than mulberry silk and tussah silk. The economic benefits are staggering.

Celecium silk fiber is fine (average fine Degree 5.5-6.6dtex), but the thickness is quite different. The cross-section of the fiber is in the shape of a flat polygonal triangle, which is like the structure of a diamond. It has strong refractive properties, and its light is like the glow of a gemstone, which is fascinating.

Once the silkworm matures, the silkworm body It will show bright green light, so it is known as “green diamond” internationally. Sky silk is lustrous, bright in color, soft in texture, has strong tensile strength and toughness, and is of better quality than mulberry silk and tussah silk. It has no creases and can maintain its natural emerald color without dyeing.

Evening dress made of sky silk , mainly used by the royal family and nobles. Under the illumination of the lanterns, it looks like pearls and emeralds all over the body, making the wearer look particularly graceful and luxurious, worth a hundred times, symbolizing the wearer’s wealth and status.

Using the excellent silk fiber of Tiansi Silk With its unique characteristics, elegance and softness, it can be made into high-end and luxurious fabrics, embroidery threads, and various accessories. Tiansi silk is the leader among silks, and its development and application prospects are very broad.

Washing notes:

1. The surface is not easy to stain with dirt, so when cleaning, use cold water or warm water within 30℃, and add cold detergent or neutral cleaning agent , just rub it gently with your hands. After washing, you can use softening essence to soften it.

2. If using a washing machine, please put it in the laundry net and select Rourou.

3. If it has turned slightly yellow, add 3~4 ㏄ acid vinegar when cleaning, soak for 5 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

4. Dark-colored clothes and light-colored clothes must be washed separately to avoid staining each other.

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