Pre-processing equipment – polyester imitation silk pre-processing equipment – open width relaxing scouring machine

Pre-processing equipment - polyester imitation silk pre-processing equipment - open-width relaxing scouring machine Polyester imitation silk products are developing rapidly, wi...

Pre-processing equipment – polyester imitation silk pre-processing equipment – open-width relaxing scouring machine

Polyester imitation silk products are developing rapidly, with numerous products and different styles. The pre-treatment process of polyester simulated silk includes desizing, scouring, relaxing, creping, weight reduction and pre-shaping. Desizing and refining equipment includes: intermittent refining tank, jet overflow coloring machine and continuous loose open-width washing machine. Relaxation finishing equipment includes: gap type dipping tank, jet overflow coloring machine, high temperature and high pressure detwisting relaxation cage type crepe machine and flat width steam type relaxation and scouring machine. For most polyester, relaxation and scouring are carried out simultaneously, and some are even bathed simultaneously with desizing.
Alkali reduction and finishing equipment includes: intermittent alkali reduction machine and continuous alkali reduction machine. Intermittent alkali reducing machines can be divided into refining tanks, normal pressure overflow alkali reducing machines, and high temperature and high pressure spray overflow coloring machines.
11 Open-width relaxation scouring machine
The basic components of an open-width relaxation scouring machine include a cloth feeding system, a pre-wetting tank, an oscillating washing machine, a waterfall device and a relaxation scouring tank, as shown in Figure 10-13.
(1) Fabric feeding system: including general devices such as tension frame, fabric tightening frame, fabric guide roller and edge suction device.
(2) Pre-wet tank: There is a stainless steel cylinder in the tank. The fabric is wrapped around the surface of the roller and immersed in the training liquid. The fabric tension is adjusted by the rocker-type tension roller on the upper left.
(3) Oscillating water washing machine: There are two types of single tank and double tank, which are composed of water washing box, oscillating roller, fixed cage and rotating cage. Due to the oscillation effect, the penetration and convection of the lotion into the fabric are enhanced, achieving a good washing effect.
(4) Waterfall device: The waterfall device sends the fabric to the conveyor belt of the U-shaped training trough through the overflowing liquid. There is a flow control device outside the entrance to adjust the overflow amount according to the thickness of the fabric to ensure that the fabric flows smoothly Enter the refinement tank.
(5) Relaxation scouring tank: The relaxation scouring tank is mainly composed of a conveyor net, a fixed net, a spray pipe, a heating circulation system, and an inlet and outlet cloth roller. There are two types: sub-station type and horizontal type, as shown in Figure 10-13 It is a standing (or U-shaped) relaxation and refining tank. The fixed net is parallel to the wall of the relaxation tank. There is a transmission net in the inner layer. A U-shaped fabric channel is formed between the two nets. 74 nozzles are arranged in a ladder shape on both sides of the U-shaped tank to transfer the liquid heated by the heat exchanger. Spray on both sides of the fabric. Since the linear speed of the feeding roller is greater than the running speed of the conveyor net, the fabric is in a relaxed and flat folded state in the U-shaped channel. Due to the suction effect of the circulation pump, the liquid passes through the inside of the conveyor net to form a suction force, and the fabric It is adsorbed on the conveyor network and moves along with the leisure of the conveyor network.
(6) Transmission system: The transmission system of the whole machine is divided into three sections, from the cloth inlet to the waterfall device; the transmission network is the second section, which is the main transmission section of the whole machine; the refining tank to the cloth discharge device is the second section. Three sections. The front and rear transmission parts are equipped with four-stage continuously variable transmissions, which can fine-tune the linear speed of the pre-wetting tank, front and rear oscillating water washing tank and cloth doffing device respectively.
The main feature of the open-width relaxation scouring machine is to immerse the silk fabric in the scouring and bleaching liquid of the U-shaped relaxation tank in a relaxed state, which can remove the weaving internal stress in the fabric. This machine is mainly used for desizing, cleaning and removing the internal stress of synthetic fiber silk fabrics and their interwoven fabrics to make the fabrics smooth and soft. It is a new type of silk fabric pre-treatment equipment.