What are the more common types of textile fabrics?

From simple clothes to bedding, they all belong to textiles. They are made of a variety of different fabrics. Therefore, the overall texture, thickness and overall warmth of textiles made of differ...

From simple clothes to bedding, they all belong to textiles. They are made of a variety of different fabrics. Therefore, the overall texture, thickness and overall warmth of textiles made of different fabrics will be more or less different. Deviation, high-quality fabrics and design technology can complete a piece of clothing that is easy to wear, durable, and has good texture. Different textile fabrics have different overall touch, texture, and other aspects of the clothing. Therefore, choosing the right fabric in the early stage is particularly critical. Today, let’s take a look at what are the more common types of textile fabrics?

Cotton fabrics

Cotton is the most common fabric in the textile field. Of course, there are many types of cotton. After different processes, Cotton after treatment also has different characteristics, such as combed cotton, washed cotton, etc., but cotton has good moisture absorption and breathability properties, soft touch and excellent thermal insulation effect, making the fabric more comfortable to wear. Whether it is fashion or casual wear, underwear, etc., the overall characteristics are comfort, softness and close fit.

Silk fabrics

There is also a very common kind of silk fabrics. Silk made of silk as raw material is also called silk. It is real silk, and of course some of it is simulated silk made of chemical fiber. There are also many varieties. The clothes that can be produced are mainly women’s clothes. The overall characteristics are light, soft, and very breathable. Mulberry silk is a relatively precious material, so this type of silk is generally only used for the production of high-end clothing such as evening gowns.

Fellow fabrics

As for the common types of textile fabrics, woolen fabrics are also a relatively common one. The main raw materials are actually various types of textile fabrics. Woven like wool, it can be used to make suits, coats, jackets and other clothing. Its overall feature is that it has good warmth retention.

Hemp fabrics

Fabrics made from hemp fiber are called hemp fabrics. Common ones include linen, ramie, ramie, etc. , the main characteristics of hemp fiber are moisture absorption, breathability and wear resistance, and its corrosion resistance is also very good. At the same time, hemp fabric can absorb harmful substances in the air and evaporate them. The disadvantage is that it feels rough and the overall wear The experience is not as good as cotton fabrics.

Chemical fiber fabrics

Chemical fiber fabrics have good wear resistance and can be produced in large quantities because of their low cost. Common chemical fiber fabrics include polyester , nylon, etc., which occupy a large share of the market by virtue of their price advantages and practicality. Chemical fibers are commonly used to produce fabrics such as short-sleeves and trousers.

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