Can yarn also conduct electricity? How much do you know about conductive yarn?

What is conductive fiber yarn? Conductive yarn is made of a certain proportion of stainless steel fibers or other conductive fibers blended with ordinary fibers. Conductive yarn can quickly dissi...

What is conductive fiber yarn?

Conductive yarn is made of a certain proportion of stainless steel fibers or other conductive fibers blended with ordinary fibers. Conductive yarn can quickly dissipate static electricity accumulated on the human body. In the past, it was mostly used to make anti-static overalls. The properties of conductive yarns vary greatly depending on the materials used. The most popular conductive yarns today are silver-plated conductive yarns and Thunderon conductive yarns.

The biggest advantage is that it can be dyed, strong (can be used alone), and cost-effective. It has a wide range of applications, and its typical industrial application fields include: semiconductors, petrochemicals, electronics, medicine, life science and technology and other industries; the conductive yarn also has many applications in the life field, such as sportswear, casual wear, high-end suit linings, Baby products, maternity products, underwear, pajamas, etc. The conductive yarn plays a very good role in improving the quality of industrial production and improving people’s quality of life.

The main materials of conductive yarn are as follows:

Stainless Steel Filament: Stainless steel wire drawing uses a cluster drawing method to pull out wire rods or wire blanks under the action of drawing force to produce small The cross-sectioned steel wire or non-ferrous metal wire is drawn by metal plastic processing and has a smooth surface.

Silver fiber: The original silver fiber production technology is based on nylon 6, using chemical silver plating technology to form a layer on the surface of the nylon fiber The fiber silver formed by a layer of silver coating has good electrical conductivity. This performance is several times or even hundreds of times that of ordinary conductive metals. It is the basic principle of electrical conductivity and radiation resistance.

Copper fiber: Made by chemically depositing a composite of copper sulfide particles onto nylon raw filaments. It has excellent electrical conductivity and the resistance is between 101 and 103 power. And because of the characteristics of copper, the product has excellent antibacterial, deodorizing, and far-infrared functions.

Military uses of conductive yarn

At the beginning, conductive yarn was mainly used for military purposes such as high-precision processing of weapons and nuclear radiation protection. After the end of the Cold War, conductive yarn gradually turned to civilian use, but even today conductive yarn is still an indispensable part of military equipment. For example, the British Army’s 2012 new smart clothing will be directly woven with conductive yarn, thereby replacing the bulky batteries carried in the past.

The fibers of the new smart clothing are not afraid of breaking, and can re-establish a connection even after being damaged. The new fiber is incorporated into vests, shirts, backpacks, gloves and even helmets. Conductive yarn is worn on the body to provide soldiers with a single, centralized power source to charge their devices.

Public life uses of conductive yarn

Touch screen gloves

In recent years, with the iPhone, iPad and With the popularity of capacitive touch screen electronic products such as Android, the touch screen glove industry has also emerged. The capacitive touch screen is a transparent special metal conductive substance affixed to the glass surface. When a finger touches the metal layer, the capacitance of the contact will change, causing the frequency of the oscillator connected to it to change. By measuring the frequency change, the touch position can be determined to obtain information.

And conductive yarn is the most important material for making touch screen gloves. Thunderon conductive yarn is known for its anti-static, antibacterial, anti-odor, The effects of heat storage, electromagnetic wave absorption and intelligent heating are very popular in the field of touch screen gloves. The once popular silver-plated conductive yarn is gradually being eliminated in the touch screen gloves industry.

Heating knitted clothing

As conductive yarn technology becomes more mature , conductive yarn is also popular in the civilian clothing industry.

In 2012, electronic heating knitted clothing was combined with conductive yarn through one-time knitting technology, in the structure of the special knitted fabric and Under the density, the fabric resistance is calculated through an analytical formula, so that the fabric can be set to emit different temperatures, and can be set at multiple different positions and different areas at the same time.

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