Discuss the characteristics of PU coated cloth

PU coated fabric, that is, polyurethane coated fabric, is an advanced material with a wide range of applications. Its emergence marks a major revolution in materials science and technology, provid...

PU coated fabric, that is, polyurethane coated fabric, is an advanced material with a wide range of applications. Its emergence marks a major revolution in materials science and technology, providing superior performance and versatility to a variety of industries. This article will delve into the characteristics, applications and future development trends of PU coated fabrics to demonstrate the importance of this material in modern society.

1. Characteristics of PU coated fabric

The characteristics of PU coated cloth are one of the reasons for its popularity. Here are some of the standout features:

1. Wear resistance: PU coated cloth has excellent wear resistance, making it an ideal choice for making durable clothing and footwear. It resists friction and wear, making it widely used in outdoor activities and sports.

2. Waterproof: PU coated fabric has excellent waterproof performance and can be used to make products such as raincoats, tents, and waterproof bags. This material effectively resists moisture penetration and keeps the interior dry.

3. Elasticity and softness: Despite its excellent waterproof and abrasion resistance, PU coated cloth still remains soft and elastic, making it suitable for various applications with high comfort requirements, such as outdoor clothing and outdoor sports equipment.

4. Good chemical stability: PU coated cloth has good resistance to many chemicals, which makes it useful in the chemical and medical industries.

5. Easy to clean and maintain: This material is generally easy to clean, just wipe it with warm water and soap. This makes it very popular in homewares and furniture.

2. Application fields of PU coated cloth

The versatility of PU coated fabric makes it widely used in various fields. Here are some of the main application areas:

1. Clothing and footwear: PU coated fabric is often used in outdoor sportswear, raincoats, work clothes, boots and other products. Its water resistance and abrasion resistance make it ideal for outdoor activities.

2. Household items: This material is often used to make household items such as sofa covers, bed sheets, and curtains. Its ease of cleaning and softness make it a practical choice in domestic settings.

3. Medical supplies: Due to its chemical stability, PU coated cloth is widely used in the manufacturing of medical supplies, such as surgical gowns, medical mattresses and nursing pads.

4. Sports equipment: PU coated fabric is often used to make sports equipment, such as backpacks, tents, mountaineering supplies and water sports equipment.

5. Industrial application: In the industrial field, PU coated cloth is used to make conveyor belts, protective clothing, liquid storage containers, etc.

3. Future development trends of PU coated fabrics

With the continuous advancement of technology, PU coated fabrics are also constantly evolving and improving. Here are some trends for future development:

1. Environmentally friendly materials: In the future, people’s demand for environmentally friendly materials will continue to increase. Therefore, PU coated fabrics are expected to develop in a more environmentally friendly direction and reduce their impact on the environment.

2. High-performance fields: PU coated fabrics will continue to play a role in high-performance fields, such as aerospace, automotive industry, and sports equipment manufacturing.

3. Smart materials: With the development of smart technology, it is foreseeable that PU coated cloth will be combined with sensor technology to make smart textiles with functions such as temperature regulation and smart monitoring.

4. Customized products: Consumer demand for personalized and customized products is increasing, so PU coated fabric manufacturers are likely to provide more choices and customization options.


PU coated cloth is a versatile, durable and practical material that has been widely used in various fields. As technology continues to develop, the properties of this material will continue to improve, allowing it to play a role in more areas. In the future, we can look forward to seeing more innovative applications of PU coated fabrics in the fields of environmental protection, high performance and intelligence, bringing more convenience and comfort to our lives.