Fibers and Fabrics | 56 fabric properties, 1 sentence per category, easy to remember!

Let’s learn about fabrics together! 1. WoolWool feels plump and has good elasticity , strong hygroscopicity, good warmth retention and other advantages. The biggest disadvantage is pilling, whic...

Let’s learn about fabrics together!

1. Wool

Wool feels plump and has good elasticity , strong hygroscopicity, good warmth retention and other advantages. The biggest disadvantage is pilling, which is inevitable for all pure wool clothing, so caring for wool clothing requires some attention.

2. Cashmere

Cashmere is as warm as wool 8 times the weight, but only one-fifth of its weight. It is the best choice for winter clothing fabrics, but it is also more delicate and less durable than wool. Cashmere is light in texture, extremely skin-friendly and breathable. It is light, soft and warm, and has a natural and soft color. Moreover, cashmere sweaters have the strongest water absorption among all textile fibers, do not shrink after washing, and have good shape retention.

3. Velvet

Velvet fabric feels silky and smooth. Toughness, wrinkle resistance and elasticity are all very good. Although it will shed some hair, it is soft and skin-friendly after washing. Velvet fabric actually has many advantages, such as heat insulation, UV protection, moisture resistance, easy cleaning, etc.

4. Melton

Melton was originally Wool woolen fabric is one of the high-end products in woolen woolen fabrics. Its surface is clean and flat, elastic, stiff and wrinkle-resistant, durable and wear-resistant, and most importantly, non-pilling. It is mainly used as a fabric for winter clothing.

5. Nylon

The most outstanding advantage of nylon is its wear resistance, which is 10 times more wear-resistant than cotton. 20 times higher than wool. It has good anti-moth and anti-corrosion properties and is easy to store. It is also very windproof, elastic and elastic, but it is prone to wrinkles and deformation and is prone to static electricity.

6. Tannin

Denim/coarse yarn twill, Commonly known as denim. A fabric made of pure cotton indigo-dyed warp yarns and natural weft yarns interwoven with a right twill weave with three tops and one bottom. The texture is thick, moisture-permeable, breathable and comfortable to wear.

7. Pure cotton

Using cotton as raw material, Fabrics produced by textile technology have the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance, and hygiene. It has good moisture absorption and heat resistance, and is comfortable to wear.

8. Ma

Is a kind of plant fiber, Known as a cool and noble fiber, it has good hygroscopicity, releases moisture quickly, is not prone to static electricity, has large heat conduction, and quickly dissipates heat. It is cool to wear, does not stick to the body after sweating, is more resistant to washing, and has good heat resistance.

9. Mulberry silk

Natural animal protein fiber, Smooth, soft, lustrous, warm in winter and cool in summer. It has a unique “silky sound” phenomenon when rubbed. It has good extensibility, good heat resistance, and is not resistant to salt water corrosion. It is not suitable to be bleached with chlorine. Detergent or detergentreason.

10. Viscose

Made from wood, cotton linters It is processed from chemical materials containing natural cellulose such as reeds and reeds. It is also often called artificial cotton. It has the basic properties of natural fibers, such as good dyeing performance, good fastness, soft fabric, heavy specific gravity, good drape, good hygroscopicity and wearability. Cool, not prone to static electricity, fluffing and pilling.

11. Acetate fiber

Made from cellulose-containing The natural material is chemically processed and has the style of silk. It is light and comfortable to wear, has good elasticity and elastic recovery properties, is not suitable for washing, and has poor color fastness.

12. Polyester

Belongs to polyester fiber and has excellent It has elasticity and recovery properties, the fabric is crisp, wrinkle-free, has good shape retention, high strength, good elasticity, is durable and has excellent light resistance, but it is prone to static electricity and has poor dust absorption and hygroscopicity.

13. Polypropylene

Looks like woolen silk or cotton, with Waxy feel and luster, elasticity and recovery are generally not easy to wrinkle. Small specific gravity, light weight, good clothing comfort, can transfer sweat faster to keep the skin comfortable, has good strength and wear resistance, is durable, and is not resistant to high temperatures.

14. Pure linen Spin

HasFine, thin, stiff, smooth style, with good breathability and comfort.

15. Spandex

Has excellent elasticity, also known as elastic fiber , also known as Lycra, has good elasticity, smooth hand feel, low hygroscopicity, good weather resistance and chemical resistance, machine washable, and poor heat resistance.

16. Xiabu

Is a traditional Chinese textile, fabric color White, with soft luster, it has the characteristics of removing sweat from the body and being stiff and cool when worn.

17. Interwoven linen fabric

Fine and firm texture Durable, clean surface, softer to the touch than pure linen fabric, and comfortable to wear.

18. Palis

It is wool mixed with polyester, The surface is smooth, the texture is light and thin, the hand feels crisp, the fabric is stiff and wrinkle-resistant, easy to wash and dry, and has good wearing properties.

19. Gabardine

Also known as Gabieding, feel Smooth and waxy, the texture is tight and elastic, the cloth surface is smooth and smooth, the color is soft and natural.

20. Thin tweed

Light and thin texture, smooth to the touch, comfortable to wear, stiff, good at moisture absorption and breathable

21. Light wool fabric

It has the characteristics of easy softness, loose structure, light weight, soft hand feeling and strong texture. It has the characteristics of good elasticity and breathability, and is comfortable to wear.

22, plush

Also known as sea tiger velvet, fluff Smooth and upright, dense and strong hair, good warmth retention, bright and soft suede surface, plump and thick feel, warm and lightweight, and good durability.

23. Plain cloth

Simple organization, tight structure, Firm and firm, the surface is flat and lacks elasticity.

24, fine cloth

The fabric is stronger than silk and the surface Smooth and clean, light and silky, soft and comfortable.

25. Poplin

The texture is fine and light, the cloth surface is soft, smooth and crisp, the surface texture is clear, the particles are full, and it is shiny It is smooth and has good texture.

26. Ba Baisha

The texture is very light and thin, and it feels very comfortable when worn on the body. It has good hygroscopicity and breathability, and has a unique style of being thin, thin, and refreshing.

27. Khaki

The texture of the fabric is tight, thick and strong Firm, with good wear resistance, stiff and clear texture.

28. Gongsatin

The surface is smooth, delicate and soft to the touch , good gloss, bright color, good elasticity, tight texture and not easy to deform.

29. Crepe

The cloth surface is wrinkled and uneven. It is called walnut, which is light, soft, smooth and novel, and easy to dye.

30. Oxford cloth

Featured cotton fabric with It has a soft hand feel, natural luster, many pores on the fabric surface, comfortable wearing, and good shape retention.

31. Corduroy

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32, flannel

Soft touch, good warmth retention, comfortable to wear, and the appearance of the cloth is bright and lustrous soft.

33. Cashmere

Light texture and very warm , a unique and rare animal fiber, known as “fiber diamond” and “soft gold” abroad. It has the characteristics of soft, slender, smooth, thin, elastic and has a natural and soft color, good hygroscopicity and durability. Good grindability.

34. Rabbit fur

Small specific gravity, good warmth retention, It is elastic, has strong hygroscopicity, softness, warmth, and beautiful appearance. It has poor cohesion, low strength, and is easy to shed hair.

35. Mohair

High strength and high elastic recovery rate , strong anti-wrinkle ability, good wear resistance and hygroscopicity, strong anti-fouling properties, good dyeability, no shrinkage and no easy felting.

36 , camel plush

Light in color, weak in luster, smooth to the touch, good in elasticity and strength, good in warmth, and good in wear resistance

37. Worsted wool fabric

Clear texture, bright and soft colors, tight texture, soft hand feel, crisp and elastic.

38. Woolen fabric

Thick texture, plump and firm feel, not easily deformed, and good warmth retention.

39. Plush

Plump and thick, soft to the touch, rich in elasticity, good warmth retention, and not easy to deform.

40, satin

The texture is fine and soft, the surface is smooth and bright, delicate and delicate.

41. Linen-cotton blend

Cotton has good hygroscopicity, good dyeability, good warmth retention, high hemp strength, good natural luster, bright dyeing, and not easy to fade. Good heat resistance, linen and cotton blend, not as clean as pure cotton fabric in appearance but good in luster, soft and comfortable, good in heat dissipation and not easy to fade.

42. Polyester and linen blend

Polyester is not easy to deform, lint-free, linen has good strength, good gloss, and is not easy to fade. Polyester and linen blends make up for some shortcomings and make the fabric stiff It is refreshing, has good hygroscopicity, is comfortable to wear, is easy to wash and dries quickly, and reduces wrinkles and fluffing.

43. Imported long-staple cotton

Remarkable moisture wicking, skin protection, good coloring, good strength, good stretchability, soft hand feel, soft luster , simple, good warmth retention.

44, silk

Recognized as a luxurious natural fiber all over the world, it is a high-grade textile raw material with high strength and elongation. The fiber is thin and soft, smooth and elastic, and has good hygroscopicity. The fabric is shiny and has a unique “silky” feeling. It is smooth when worn on the body. Comfortable, elegant and luxurious.

45. Silk

Bright and noble, with a certain straight fiber content, which can make the product feel smoother, the structure denser, and shiny , comfortable, elegant, luxurious, with good elasticity and strength, good hygroscopicity, breathable and comfortable to wear.

46. Tencel

Is an environmentally friendly fiber, in During the purification and spinning process, high-tech technology is used to protect all the characteristics of natural fibers, such as strong moisture absorption and breathability, drape, smooth silk, and bright dyeing. It retains its many health-care functions despite repeated washing and exposure to the sun, and is not prone to pilling.

47. Mercerized cotton yarn

It has silk-like bright luster, high-grade color fastness and good hand feel, and has the breathability, softness and hygroscopicity of cotton, and It has silky smooth and bright characteristics.

48. Bamboo fiber

An environmentally friendly fiber. Bamboo has antibacterial and anti-ultraviolet characteristics. During the fiber purification process, high-tech technology is used to protect the natural antibacterial and antibacterial properties. , deodorizing and anti-UV material, with strong breathability, fabric drape, smooth silk, bright dyeing, antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-UV, and many functions without losing it after repeated washing and drying.

49. Acrylic

Commonly known as “artificial wool”, it has the characteristics of softness, warmth, and strength. It has a flat surface, a tight structure, is not easy to deform, and shrinks very little after washing. .

50, vinylon

The appearance and feel of the fabric are like cotton, with poor elasticity, good hygroscopicity, small specific gravity and thermal conductivity, light and warm to wear, low strength and wear resistance Very strong and durable, with excellent resistance to chemicals, sunlight and other properties.

51. Mercerized wool

Glossy, soft and delicate It is soft, highly hygroscopic, has good breathability, is comfortable and non-sticky, has a general function of keeping warm and keeps the human body fresh, and has good heat resistance.

52. Wool viscose blend

It has similar appearance style and basic characteristics as pure wool fabric, and the appearance is more delicate.

53, Tencel, linen blend

fabric It feels plump, smooth and waxy, has a silky luster, has good drape, and is firm and refreshing.

54, polyester-cotton blend

It can make up for the shortcomings of polyester in terms of low hygroscopicity, breathability and comfort. It has a smooth appearance, a thick feel, elasticity, solidity and durability. Good shape retention.

55, polyester and silk blend

It has the softness of hair and the smoothness of silk. It has a soft and bright luster, is crisp, does not need ironing, and is strong and durable. It is elastic and has less shrinkage than pure silk.

56. Polyester and viscose gabardine

Features are crisp, easy to iron, hairy and elastic.

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