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Oxford clothIn fact, it can be said that polyester can also be nylon. Polyester cloth and nylon cloth are two general categories (nylon is also commonly known as nylon). Oxford cloth is a general...

Oxford clothIn fact, it can be said that polyester can also be nylon. Polyester cloth and nylon cloth are two general categories (nylon is also commonly known as nylon). Oxford cloth is a general term for a new type of fabric with diverse functions and wide uses. It can be woven using polyester or nylon raw materials. According to the materials currently on the market, there are mainly: polyester, nylon (nylon), aramid, acrylic and other varieties. According to the organization, it mainly includes: plain Oxford cloth, twill Oxford cloth, plaid Oxford cloth, jacquard Oxford cloth and so on. According to the characteristics, they mainly include: Flame-retardant Oxford cloth, Waterproof Oxford cloth, Recycled Oxford cloth and so on.

Polyester Oxford cloth is woven from polyester filament, which is divided into polyester filament , polyester low stretch yarn, polyester staple fiber. After being treated with alkali, dyeing, anti-static, and coating, polyester Oxford cloth has the advantages of light texture, soft hand feel, good waterproofness, and good durability. Commonly used as bags, tents, car covers, awnings, etc.

Nylon Oxford cloth, also known as Nylon Oxford cloth, common specifications include 210D nylon Oxford cloth, 420D nylon Oxford cloth, 840D nylon Oxford cloth , 1680D nylon Oxford cloth, 500D nylon pullable, 1000D nylon Oxford cloth, the product is woven on a water-jet loom. After being dyed, finished and coated, the gray fabric has the advantages of soft hand feel, strong drape, novel style, good waterproof performance, etc. The cloth has the luster and sensory effect of nylon silk. Because of its excellent quality and novel colors, it is deeply loved by users. Mainly used to make various types of bags, waterproof and flood-proof items.

So have you made it clear today? Everyone has their own preferences for radish and green vegetables. Do you prefer polyester oxford cloth or nylon oxford cloth? In short, no matter which one you like, I have it! Oxford cloth and environmentally friendly recycled series specifications and classifications: 1680D Oxford cloth, 1200D Oxford cloth, 900D Oxford cloth, 600D Oxford cloth, 420D Oxford cloth, 300D Oxford cloth, 210D Oxford cloth, 150D Oxford cloth, etc.; press Functional classification: flame retardant oxford cloth, waterproof flame retardant cloth, silver-coated flame retardant cloth, pu waterproof oxford cloth, PVC oxford cloth, TPE, TPU, anti-UV, camouflage oxford cloth, fluorescent oxford cloth, compound cloth, etc. Please consult customer service for details .