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Internet of Things Fast Today, people's demand for clothing is no longer limited to comfort and beauty. Younger consumer groups have focused more on the special functions of clothing. Breathable ...

Internet of Things Fast Today, people’s demand for clothing is no longer limited to comfort and beauty. Younger consumer groups have focused more on the special functions of clothing. Breathable and sweat-wicking sportswear, fireproof clothing made of special materials, anti-static clothing, anti-radiation maternity clothing, etc. People’s demand for functional clothing is increasing day by day.

Tai Chi stone fiber textiles have the function of enhancing human microcirculation and regulating blood flow rate. They also have low-temperature far-infrared and natural antibacterial properties. When combined with other fiber blends, they have the function Sex doesn’t change. In the industry, Taichi Stone has received unprecedented attention and high praise, and has won many awards from the China Textile Industry Federation and the Outstanding Contribution Award to the Global Fiber Industry.

Excellent far-infrared function

Refer to GB/T30127 -The detection and evaluation test results of the 2013 “Far Infrared Performance of Textiles” show that the far infrared emissivity of various Taichi stone fabrics at room temperature is greater than 90%, which is significantly higher than the control sample. Taichi fiber fabric has the characteristics of absorbing ambient heat and outputting it in the form of far-infrared energy. The human body can both radiate far-infrared radiation and absorb far-infrared radiation. According to the matching absorption wavelength, the object molecules absorb resonance. The far-infrared vibration frequency of Taichi stone meets the water molecules with the same vibration number in human tissue, causing resonance, which intensifies the irregular movement of water molecules and atoms on the surface of the raw skin and finally reaches equilibrium, generating a thermal reaction and heating up the subcutaneous tissue. Then it improves microcirculation, strengthens the regeneration ability of cells, improves the function of immune cells, promotes the metabolism and growth and development of organisms, and achieves health care effects on the human body.

Natural antibacterial properties

Refer to the national standard GB/T20944 .3-2008 “Antibacterial Performance of Textiles” standard. After testing and comparison, fabrics containing Taichi fiber have obvious antibacterial effects on Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus. Therefore, it is concluded that Taichi fiber textiles have Natural antibacterial function. Bacteria adhere to Taichi fiber fabrics, and Taichi nanocomponents cut the cell membrane through sharp boundaries, and then superoxide ions mediate oxidative stress, ultimately leading to bacterial death. It destroys the bacterial cell membrane and directly extracts the phospholipid molecules on the cell membrane on a large scale to destroy the cell membrane and kill the bacteria. Experiments have shown that Taichi fiber exhibits excellent antibacterial properties and only shows weak cytotoxicity when interacting with cells or organisms, indicating that Taichi fiber is a nanomaterial with both antibacterial properties and good biocompatibility. It has good application potential in textiles.

Excellent UV resistance

Refer to GB/T18830 -The measured values ​​in the 2009 “UV Protection Performance of Textiles” show that the UV protection coefficient UPF of Tai Chi fabric reaches 50+, indicating that the fabric has excellent UV resistance. Taichi stone blended fabric still maintains good UV resistance. Taichi fiber fabric mainly protects against ultraviolet light. It absorbs high-energy ultraviolet rays and converts them into fluorescence, which is then released in the form of phosphorescence or heat energy. Therefore, it has high reflection efficiency for various types of light and excellent shielding effect.

Tai Chi stone fiber fabric clothing

Through blending, Tai Chi Stone fiber forms four major product systems: Tai Chi ice, Tai Chi charcoal, Tai Chi velvet, and Tai Chi stone nylon. These fibers have different functional properties. Among them, cooling, heat, moisture absorption, breathability and perspiration are favored by fabric buyers in the clothing industry, and sales orders are also increasing. Taichi functional fibers are increasingly used in a wide range of applications, and products such as clothing, home textiles, and facial masks are highly sought after by customers. There are more and more health products implanted with Tai Chi energy fiber, sales have increased sharply, and the Tai Chi brand is becoming more and more famous.

Tai Chi stone fabric is recognized by the market

Tai Chi stone fiber R&D has great social significance and market value in promoting the development of high value-added products. Functional clothing is a huge market covering billions of people, and the market prospects are very broad. The perfect integration of Taichi fiber and modern intelligent technology once again broadens the application fields of new textile materials, leads the clothing industry to further upgrade, and meets the diversified needs of the young market.

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