“Good dyeing”, “good elasticity” and “soft touch” T400

T400, as a new elastic composite fiber, has good elasticity although it does not contain spandex, and it It effectively solves many problems such as spandex being difficult to dye, excess elastici...

T400, as a new elastic composite fiber, has good elasticity although it does not contain spandex, and it It effectively solves many problems such as spandex being difficult to dye, excess elasticity, complex weaving, unstable fabric dimensions, and aging of spandex during use.

T400 fiber properties

Different raw materials will have their own unique properties, such as the water solubility of water-soluble yarn, the conductivity of conductive filaments, the flame retardancy of flame-retardant fibers, etc. T400 also has its own characteristics.

Observe High-resolution photos of T400 fibers show that two polymers within each filament create a dog-bone-like cross-section.

T400 fiber is a bi-component fiber made from two different polyester fibers

Due to the different microscopic morphological structures of each component, different shrinkages will occur after moist heat treatment, causing the fibers to While generating strong longitudinal stress, it also generates torsion deviating from the longitudinal axis, causing the fiber to exhibit a permanent three-dimensional curl.

Can maintain curls during dyeing and finishing This fiber has better elastic recovery than previous polyester fibers, avoiding the occurrence of sagging. At the same time, the product also has good shape retention and wrinkle resistance.

Product features of T400 fiber

1. Good puffing properties and excellent elastic recovery

The three-dimensional curl structure of T400 fiber will make The fiber has excellent elasticity. Generally, the elasticity of T400 filament is 2 to 5 times that of ordinary PET filament. Even after 500 repeated stretches, its elastic recovery rate can still remain above 95%.

Due to its good elastic recovery, T400 The fiber can replace part of spandex and nylon, and does not require heat setting. The product size is more stable and the quality is more uniform.

2. Excellent dyeability, soft feel and good stiffness

From T400 From the high-resolution cross-section picture, we can see that T400 fiber is a hollow fiber with grooves, so it is not only more fluffy and soft than ordinary polyester, but also has better moisture absorption and perspiration performance.

And this kind of grooved The hollow fiber structure makes the masterbatch particles adhere better. Generally, a two-color effect can be achieved at 120 degrees Celsius. When the temperature rises to 130 degrees Celsius, a level dyeing effect can be achieved. The color fastness can reach level four or above. Equivalent to the dyeing properties of general polyester.

In addition, T400 fiber also has outstanding memory function, that is, the fiber can maintain its given state after being shaped, and the shaped fiber can also produce a secondary shaping effect at a lower temperature. When fibers are stimulated by specific external conditions, they can return to their original form. It can be considered that T400 fiber has the ability to quickly remember mechanical deformation changes and quickly disappear deformation under the action of external stress.

Therefore, T400 fiber is woven with other fibers Clothing fabric has the characteristics of easy smoothing of wrinkles and good flatness.

3. Better strength, light resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance Sex

T400 has higher strength and modulus than pure PTT, giving it better dimensional stability than spandex and nylon , better strength than PTT products

At the same time, T400 has the light resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and stiffness of PET. Appearance, better dyeability and softer feel than PET!

Sportswear, underwear and other products woven with it also have excellent elastic properties, but not as good as spandex and nylon. Like a sense of restraint, the body feels lighter and more comfortable!

4. Can be woven directly on the machine to reduce production costs

T400 does not need to be made like spandex The covered yarn can be directly put on arrow shafts, water-jet and other looms for weaving, which greatly reduces the production cost of yarn and improves the quality uniformity of the product.

T400 specifications

At present, the main specifications of T400 fiber raw materials are: DTY 50D/24F; 75D/24F; 75D/36F; 100D/36F; 150D /48F; 300D/144F; 450D/216F.

The main specifications of T400 polyester high elastic yarn FDY operated by Yili Fang Mall are as follows:

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