Operation and operation of roller printing machine

The operation and operation of roller printing machine 11 Preparation work before operation (1) A plane mirror should be installed on the main drive side of the cloth pressing...

The operation and operation of roller printing machine

11 Preparation work before operation
(1) A plane mirror should be installed on the main drive side of the cloth pressing roller at the front of the car so that the driver of the front car can clearly see the 1 to 4 color flower tubes of the rear car. situation to avoid accidents while driving.
(2) Clean the fiber dust and debris accumulated on the surface of the cloth guide roller, cloth tensioner, expansion roller and drying cylinder, and clean the entire machine.
(3) Adjust the rubber lining cloth so that its tension is appropriate.
(4) Check whether the safety devices are complete. The protective railing outside the universal coupling must be connected to the starting power supply. It is strictly prohibited to drive without complete safety devices.
(5) Check whether the oil level in the transmission gear box and oil tank is normal, whether there is oil in the flower tube bearing, and refuel the entire machine.
(6) Install the flower tube, connect the universal coupling, install the pulp disc, scraper knife, dust collector, and connect the broach device.
(7) Add the required color paste to the paste tray.
(8) Wear the guide cloth of the drying cylinder, open the steam release valve of the drying cylinder dryer and the direct release valve of the water trap, start the independent transmission motor for empty operation, and remove the air and condensed water accumulated in the drying cylinder. discharge. Then open the steam inlet valve, close the steam release valve when steam overflows from the steam release valve, open the main steam inlet valve to preheat the drying drum, and prepare to start the machine.
(9) Prepare the cloth, adjust the pressure of the cloth pressing roller, and put pressure on the cloth feeding roller and cloth dropping roller.
(10) Turn on the oil pump motor and look at the total pressure gauge. The gauge pressure in normal use is about 4410kPa.
(11) Pressurize each colored floral tube cylinder and adjust the one-way pressure reducing valve to the required working pressure, which is generally around 3430kPa.
The voltage can also be adjusted separately on the left and right ends.
(12) Press the main motor button to make it run at an inch or slow speed.
21 Cloth test printing and normal operation

(1) Drive after contacting the front and back, and drive slowly first to avoid accidents.
(2) Perform preliminary alignment on the lining cloth to check whether there are any errors in the color paste, whether there are any defects in the flower tube, and whether the alignment of the flowers is correct.
(3) Adjust the pressure of the tube and the position of the scraper.
(4) Paste a piece of white cloth on the lining cloth as a sample. The length must be greater than the circumference of the flower tube for printing.
(5) After the sample fabric has passed the inspection, put the printed natural cotton fabric into the machine and print at an appropriate speed. Only after confirming that the printing quality fully meets the requirements can you drive the machine quickly.
(6) During operation, refueling and repairs are not allowed, and contact with operating parts is not allowed to ensure safety.
(7) When using a printing machine with counter-spliced ​​gears, if the canister is pressurized by a hydraulic system, it should be noted that the tooth top of the central large gear does not bear against the tooth top of the counter-spliced ​​gear.
(8) When you find that the temperature of the flower tube bearing or the flower tube shaft is too high, you should stop the car for inspection and repair, and do not water it randomly.
(9) When the machine is running, do not enter the railings of the motor and universal coupling.
(10) When introducing the guide cloth into the flower tube and grinding the flower tube with a grindstone, you should be careful not to get your fingers into the rolling point.
31 Finishing Process
(1) Seam guide fabric.
(2) When the guide cloth passes through the rear tube, stop the machine and connect the cloth guide belt.
(3) When parking, close the steam valve, open the steam release valve of the dryer drum dryer and the direct release valve of the steam trap to release the steam in the dryer drum to avoid accumulation of condensed water in the dryer drum.
(4) Remove the pressure from the pressure rollers on the flower tube, cloth drop roller and cloth feed roller.
(5) Loosen the rubber lining.