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Oxford cloth comes in thousands of varieties, with various uses, colors and specifications. The editor prefers polyester taffeta. I really fell in love with its luster, silkiness and softness at ...

Oxford cloth comes in thousands of varieties, with various uses, colors and specifications. The editor prefers polyester taffeta. I really fell in love with its luster, silkiness and softness at first sight. I think back then, when polyester taffeta first came out on the market, it was all the rage. Today we will learn about what is polyester? Why do people love polyester taffeta?

What is Tacf? The English name of polyester taffeta is Polyester Taffeta, also known as taffeta. It is made of polyester silk or imitation silk. Taffeta in the English name means taffeta, which was originally a classification of real silk. Now we have added polyester yarn as raw material, so the polyester spun we use now is called polyester taffeta or polyester spun. Polyester taffeta is a thin, all-polyester fabric with a bright appearance and silky feel. It can be used to make clothing fabrics and linings. Currently, there are more linings on the market. Of course, there are many options for polyester taffeta. The more common specifications currently on the market include 190T, 210T, 230T, 290T, 300T, 350T, 400T, etc. Do you understand the meaning of these specifications? For example, 190T means that the number of warp and weft threads per inch is 190. The higher the number, the better the density and the more expensive the price. Everyone can choose the most suitable specifications according to their own needs.

Why do people love polyester taffeta? After polyester taffeta is dyed, printed, embossed, coated, etc., it has the following advantages:

  • It feels silky, non-sticky and has a light texture.

  • Durable and easy to wash, high quality and low price.

  • The color is bright and bright, and the gloss is high.

  • Not easy to wrinkle, low shrinkage.

    Wait, the difference in the post-processing process added further reflects the excellence of polyester taffeta. For example, there will be polyester taffeta PVC coating, which has good waterproof performance; there will also be polyester taffeta flame-retardant series, which will extinguish the fire, making it safer, etc. Based on the above advantages, polyester taffeta is also widely used in various clothing fabrics and lining accessories of various bags, as well as umbrellas, shower curtains, tablecloths, chair covers, tents and other industries.

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