Popular Science | Can’t tell the difference between pure cotton yarn, mercerized cotton yarn, ice silk cotton yarn, long-staple cotton yarn and Egyptian cotton yarn?

Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber in clothing fabrics. Cotton is used in both summer and autumn and winter clothing. It is moisture-absorbent, breathable, and soft. Comfortable features...

Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber in clothing fabrics. Cotton is used in both summer and autumn and winter clothing. It is moisture-absorbent, breathable, and soft. Comfortable features are favored by everyone, and cotton clothing is especially suitable for making close-fitting clothing and summer clothing.

“Cotton” has many types, and its characteristics and performance are often confused. Today I will teach you the difference.

Long-staple cotton yarn, Egyptian cotton yarn

Long-staple cotton

First, let’s talk about the classification of cotton. Cotton is classified according to Origin and fiber length and thickness can be divided into coarse staple cotton, fine staple cotton and long staple cotton. Long-staple cotton is also called island cotton. The planting process takes longer and stronger light than fine-staple cotton. In my country, it is only produced in the Xinjiang region, so the long-staple cotton produced in China is also called Xinjiang cotton.

Long-staple cotton has thinner fibers and longer length than fine-staple cotton (requires fiber length of 33mm or more), better strength and elasticity. The cloth woven with long-staple cotton has a smooth and delicate feel, has the same touch and luster as silk, and has better hygroscopicity and breathability than ordinary cotton. Long-staple cotton is often used to make high-end shirts, POLO shirts and bedding.

Egyptian cotton

is a long-staple cotton produced in Egypt, with better quality than Xinjiang cotton, especially In terms of strength and fineness, generally cotton fabrics with a count of more than 150 must be added with Egyptian cotton, otherwise the fabric will be easily broken.

Of course, the price of Egyptian cotton is also much more expensive. Many cotton cloths marked with Egyptian cotton on the market are not real Egyptian cotton. Take a four-piece set as an example. The price of a four-piece set of 5% Egyptian cotton is about 500 yuan, and the price of a four-piece set of 100% Egyptian cotton is more than 2,000 yuan.

In addition to Xinjiang cotton and Egyptian cotton, long-staple cotton also includes American pima cotton, Indian cotton, etc.

High count cotton yarn, combed cotton yarn

High count cotton yarn

is the thickness of cotton yarn To define, the finer the yarn, the higher the count, the thinner the fabric, the more delicate and soft the feel, and the better the gloss. For cotton, those with more than 40 counts can be called high-count cotton. Common ones are. 60, 80, and more than 100 are relatively rare.

Combed cotton yarn

refers to the removal of shorter cotton fibers and impurities during the spinning process. Compared with ordinary cotton, combed cotton is flatter and smoother, has better wear resistance and strength, and is not easy to Pilling. Combed cotton is used to make worsted clothing.

High count and combed generally correspond to each other. High count cotton is often combed cotton, and combed cotton is often They are all finer high-count cotton. Both are mostly used in the production of close-fitting clothing, bedding and other fabrics that require higher smoothness.

Mercerized cotton yarn

Mercerized cotton yarn

refers to cotton yarn or cotton cloth that has been mercerized in alkali For craft fabrics, cotton yarn is mercerized and then spun into cotton cloth, and then the mercerization process is performed again, which is called…�Mercerized cotton.

Mercerized cotton feels softer than cotton without mercerization, has better color and gloss, and has better drape, wrinkle resistance, strength, and color fastness. The fabric is stiff and not easy to pill.

Mercerized cotton is generally made of high-count cotton or high-count long-staple cotton

Made, of course Some are also made of ordinary low-count cotton, which feels good to the touch. When purchasing, pay attention to the thickness and textile density of the yarn. If the yarn is too thick, the density is low, and the lines are curved and low. end fabric.

Ice silk cotton yarn

Ice silk cotton yarn

Generally refers to mercerized cotton, cotton linters Man-made fiber made by dissolving chemicals into a solution and then spinning it. It is a type of plant regenerated cellulose fiber, also called viscose fiber. It belongs to the same category as Tencel, Modal, and acetate fabrics, but in terms of quality Not as good as Tencel and Modal, it is a relatively poor type of artificial regenerated fiber.

Although ice silk cotton has the same moisture absorption and breathability as cotton, its strength is relatively low, it is easy to become hard and brittle after washing, and it is not as good for human health as natural cotton. The biggest advantage of ice silk is that the upper body is very cool, so it is especially suitable for summer.Installation.

Cotton yarn, pure cotton yarn and polyester cotton

Finally, everyone is very familiar with it of pure cotton and related pure cotton and polyester cotton. The meaning of pure cotton is very simple, it is a fabric made of 100% natural cotton fiber.

As long as the cotton fiber content reaches 75% and above, it can be called pure cotton fabric. Polyester-cotton refers to fabrics made of polyester and cotton blends. Polyester-cotton fabrics with a polyester content greater than cotton content are called polyester-cotton fabrics, also called TC fabrics. Cotton-polyester fabrics with cotton content greater than polyester content are called cotton-polyester fabrics, also called CVC fabrics.
It can be seen that the same cotton cloth also has many different categories and names, corresponding to different qualities and wearing properties. Long-staple cotton, high-count cotton, and mercerized cotton are all relatively high-quality cotton fabrics. If it is autumn and winter coat fabrics, there is no need to pursue these fabrics too much. Sometimes cotton-polyester blended fabrics with better wrinkle resistance and wear resistance are more suitable. .

But if you buy underwear or bedding and other clothing that come into direct contact with the skin, try to choose higher-quality cotton fabrics, such as high-count, high-density, long-staple cotton.

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