Popular Yarn | Can you imagine that coffee grounds can also be made into clothing?

Can you imagine that coffee grounds can also be made into clothing? Yes, you are not mistaken. What kind of chemical reaction will happen when the plastic bottles we throw away randomly + the cof...

Can you imagine that coffee grounds can also be made into clothing? Yes, you are not mistaken. What kind of chemical reaction will happen when the plastic bottles we throw away randomly + the coffee grounds we dump randomly meet?

This is not a random idea, plastic bottle and coffee grounds into fiber. Woven into fabrics and made into clothes are popular environmentally friendly elements in today’s society. Subtle changes seem to be taking place in recent years. There is a trend of “marriage” between food and clothing. Milk and isatis root have become clothing, and coffee has also been included.

Coffee culture is embedded in fiber, fiber and fashion lightning Encounter.

It is understood that coffee has a natural ability to absorb odors. It avoids the embarrassment caused by body odor when crowds gather. In particular, coffee grounds particles contain nano-scale holes that can refract and diffuse ultraviolet rays, so they have good ultraviolet protection function.

Its quick-drying, odor control, and anti-UV functions And environmental protection, recyclability and other features have made it favored and sought after by dealers and agents around the world as soon as it appeared.

Modern clothing consumption concept, in fiber, fabric manufacturing and In terms of design, while considering fashion, we also pay more attention to the functionality and harmlessness of fiber materials.

Coffee fiber can actively heat up and generate heat, and has the ability to inhibit It has the functions and features of bacteria deodorization, negative ion emission and UV resistance, low carbon and environmental protection. Skin-friendly, sweat-absorbent, breathable, and lightweight, it is a product that is in demand in the modern clothing industry. It has far-infrared heating and warmth-keeping function and is a fabric for high-quality thermal underwear. Soft and delicate, naturally antibacterial, skin-friendly and comfortable, it is a high-end underwear fabric. It feels smooth, has good drape, and has a soft color. It is ideal for making high-end Western clothes.�’s high quality fabric. Moisture-absorbing, breathable, light and comfortable, naturally warm, it is the best choice of high-quality fabric for high-end bedding. Using a special process to produce coffee carbon fiber, it can be transformed from waste into environmentally friendly functional fabrics. The porous adsorption effect of coffee carbon fiber can effectively control the moisture on the wearer’s body surface, thus inhibiting bacterial growth and effectively deodorizing.

Coffee fiber is suitable for weaving close-fitting clothing. The function of the fiber is permanent and is not affected by the number of washes. It can be used in underwear products, shirts, T-shirts, socks, towels, bedding, sports and leisure wear, etc.

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