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Chitin fiber fabric is the only positively charged animal cellulose textile discovered so far, and is a new type of antibacterial fabric. Because its molecular structure contains unsaturated catio...

Chitin fiber fabric is the only positively charged animal cellulose textile discovered so far, and is a new type of antibacterial fabric. Because its molecular structure contains unsaturated cationic groups, it has a strong adsorption effect on various types of negatively charged harmful substances; through medical demonstration, it has strong repair and activation effects on damaged skin cells of the human body. Its efficacy is praised by European and American scientists as the sixth vital element of the human body.

Chitin fiber characteristics

 1. Excellent biomedical functions: macromolecular structure of chitin It has the same composition as glucosamine in the human body, and has a structure similar to human collagen tissue. It is this dual structure that gives them excellent biomedical properties: that is, it is non-toxic and non-irritating to the human body, and can be used in the human body. It is decomposed and absorbed by lysozyme and has good biocompatibility with human tissues. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, analgesic, and wound healing functions. Therefore, chitin and chitosan are ideal medical polymer materials and are widely used in the manufacture of special medical products.

2. Due to the production of carapace The raw material of chitin fiber is generally the waste of shrimp and crab aquatic products. On the one hand, this can reduce the pollution of this kind of waste to the environment. On the other hand, the waste of chitin fiber is biodegradable and will not pollute the surrounding environment. Therefore, chitin fiber is also called green fiber.

3. Due to chitin The fiber has a large number of hydrophilic groups such as hydroxyl (-OH) and amino (-NH2) in its macromolecular chain, so the fiber has good hydrophilicity and high hygroscopicity. The equilibrium moisture regain of chitin fiber is generally between 12% and 16%, and its water retention value is around 130% under different forming conditions. Chitin fiber baby clothes take advantage of this characteristic to provide babies with comfortable, refreshing and healthy clothes, keeping babies away from red buttocks.

4. Chitin and Chitosan fiber can be spun into two categories: filament or short fiber. Filament is used to twist medical sutures to save patients from the pain of suture removal, or cut into short fibers of a certain length, spun into yarn, and used as textile materials; short fibers are used to make medical dressings in the form of non-woven fabrics, which are used to treat various diseases. Various wounds, such as burns, scalds, frostbite and other injuries, can promote wound healing and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

Chitin fiber application fields

Blended with cotton, it can be used to make antibacterial and deodorizing health underwear. By inhibiting bacterial activity and making it inactive, antibacterial purposes are achieved. Especially suitable for women, children, the elderly and patients with allergies and herpetic skin.

It is interwoven with moisture-absorbent and quick-drying yarns such as CoolDry to make sportswear. Since chitin has strong hygroscopicity, it will absorb sweat and gradually spread it outward through the outer layer. Evaporation greatly improves its moisture permeability effect. In addition, chitin fabric has good comfort and antibacterial properties. Sportswear made of it is comfortable to wear without feeling stuffy or sticky.

Various baby clothing. Chitin fiber fabrics are non-irritating to the human body and are close to the skin. It is more gentle. The skin of infants and young children is relatively tender, so baby clothes made of it are safe and comfortable. Genius Baby’s chitin fiber baby clothes use this green, antibacterial fabric and are committed to creating healthy baby clothes.

Medical textiles. Sheaths used in traumatology and surgery , surgical masks, clothing and bed covers, etc.

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