Popular yarn | Coral velvet: Coral-shaped in shape and colorful!

Coral velvet: As the name suggests,It is a kind of coral-shaped fabric,fiber As light and soft as coral. Its raw material is polyester microfiber,Due to the fineness of the monofilament,So it fee...

Coral velvet: As the name suggests,

It is a kind of coral-shaped fabric,

fiber As light and soft as coral.

Its raw material is polyester microfiber,

Due to the fineness of the monofilament,

So it feels very soft and delicate,

And it has good coverage and is not easy to fade or pill.


Coral velvet has made great breakthroughs in technology through continuous product improvements and upgrades in recent years. The main newly added techniques include “flower cutting”, “jet embossing”, “offset embossing”, etc., which add a sense of layering to the originally monotonous picture.

Fabric features:

The texture is fine, soft to the touch, non-pilling, non-fading, but will shed slightly due to the weaving principle. Excellent water absorption performance, three times that of cotton products. No irritation to skin, no allergy. Beautiful appearance and rich colors. It is an alternative product to cotton bathrobes that has just emerged in China.

Process flow:

Due to the intensifying market competition, printing and dyeing factories are required to develop in the direction of small batches, multiple varieties, and fast delivery. However, coral velvet was produced under such a market economy and complied with the needs of modern market development. As we all know, the dyeing process of polyester coral velvet fabric is much simpler than the dyeing process of T/C coral velvet, printed coral velvet and other fabrics, and the profit is considerable. The various finished products produced by dyeing have a large consumer market. Therefore, it is favored by customers and consumers.

Among them, as for single-sided coral velvet, side A coral velvet is better than side B Coral velvet is better. Because side A coral velvet and side B coral velvet are woven in different ways. Side A coral velvet is woven on the front side of the loom, while side B is the reverse side. When cutting, the hair height on the front side is ignored. Whether the wool height on the reverse side is neat or not will result in a certain difference in the woven gray fabric. However, double-sided coral velvet is more expensive than single-sided coral velvet. From the literal meaning, we can know that double-sided coral velvet is more expensive than single-sided coral velvet. In the whole process, double-sided coral velvet has one more important process than single-sided coral velvet – brushing. Double-sided coral velvet needs to be brushed to achieve the effect of velvet on the reverse side, while single-sided coral velvet does not need to be brushed. There is also a big difference in processing fees. Generally, the processing cost of double-sided coral velvet is about 7% higher than that of single-sided coral velvet. In view of the large market for finished coral velvet, the coral velvet industry has been on an upward trend in recent years. , merchants are also constantly innovating and designing more finished coral velvet products, such as gloves, nightgowns, fashion scarves, bath skirts, bathrobes, blankets, slippers, etc. that are commonly seen on the market. It is made of coral velvet. This is due to its high fiber density, coral-like shape, and its soft texture, no lint, no pilling, no fading, and excellent water absorption. It is non-irritating to the skin, non-allergic, and has beautiful appearance, so it is very popular among consumers.

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