Popular yarn | Functional health fiber: Tencel pupa protein

Silk pupa protein fiber is a highly functional health fiber with a variety of amino acid components and is very beneficial to human skin. It is beneficial and has special effects on skin care, the...

Silk pupa protein fiber is a highly functional health fiber with a variety of amino acid components and is very beneficial to human skin. It is beneficial and has special effects on skin care, thereby eliminating fatigue and delaying skin aging; and due to the unique structure of this fiber, various yarns and fabrics developed have good moisture conductivity and breathability, and can also resist ultraviolet rays. .

Since silkworm pupa protein fiber is A composite filament fiber developed in my country in recent years. Its products are biodegradable and have extremely strong environmental performance. Silkworm chrysalis protein viscose filament has the excellent characteristics of both real silk and viscose fiber, and is even better than real silk to a certain extent. .

So we developed Silk style silkworm chrysalis protein viscose filament fabric will have high use value. Fabrics can achieve highly simulated effects and have advantages over silk in many aspects.

In short, silkworm pupa protein fiber It is an excellent raw material for making high-end clothing fabrics, T-shirts, underwear, fabrics, bedding and high-end decorative items, etc. Its market prospect will be very broad.

Tencel is used for raw materials Fiber, combed long-staple cotton and silkworm pupa protein fiber blending can reduce yarn costs, increase yarn strength, and improve yarn spinnability while maintaining the functionality of silkworm pupa protein fiber.

Tencel fiber has beautiful luster, soft hand feel, good moisture absorption, and can be used dry and wet. The strong and high characteristics further improve the yarn quality, thereby improving the grade of subsequent finished fabric products.

To play the role of silkworm pupa protein Medicinal functions of fiber andCharacteristics, industry experts believe that the content of silkworm pupa protein fiber cannot be less than 15%, otherwise it will not achieve good results, so the proportion is set at 20%. After comprehensive consideration, the raw material and blending ratio is set as: silkworm pupa protein fiber/ Tencel/Cotton 20:30:50.

The development of silkworm chrysalis protein fiber yarn varieties can meet people’s requirements for health, environmental protection, comfort, and high-end fabrics of clothing, underwear, and bedding fabrics, and cater to The needs of modern consumers have strong market competitiveness. Fabrics made of this fiber and yarn have higher air permeability and warp strength than silk fabrics with similar structures. The drape, abrasion resistance, bending stiffness and other properties are similar to similar silk fabrics. The moisture absorption rate is the same as that of silk and human fabrics. The silk quality is quite good, and the product market prospects are promising.

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