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Overview of bamboo fiber: The moisture regain of bamboo fiber is 13% under standard conditions; the dry elongation at break of bamboo fiber is 20-24%, and the wet elongation of bamboo fiber is 20-2...

Overview of bamboo fiber:

The moisture regain of bamboo fiber is 13% under standard conditions; the dry elongation at break of bamboo fiber is 20-24%, and the wet elongation of bamboo fiber is 20-24%. The elongation at break is 27-31%; the dry breaking strength of bamboo fiber is 2.7-3.0cN/dtex, and the wet breaking strength is 1.3-1.5cN/dtex. The wet strength of bamboo fiber is only 48 of its dry strength. -50%; the initial modulus of bamboo fiber is 40-48 cN/dtex.

The single strength of bamboo fiber is low. It is recommended to control the yarn count between 73.8-9.8tex and blend it with some higher strength fibers (polyester staple fiber, cotton, modal, tencel, etc.) . For pure spun 11.8-9.8tex yarn, it is generally suitable to use it in plies.

Bamboo fiber product features:

Bamboo fiber is known as the 21st century healthy fiber and green fiber, and is known as “breathing fiber”. Fiber”, also known as the “Fiber Queen”. Bamboo fiber textiles are called “people’s second skin” because of their excellent skin-friendly properties. The fabric is antibacterial and breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer; its water absorption is 3 times that of cotton. Due to its hollow structural characteristics, it is super easy to clean; it is smooth and comfortable, has good moisture absorption and release, and feels softer and smoother than cotton. It has the characteristics of “continuing, thin and slow” and good drape; the dyeing color is more pure, bright and durable than ordinary finished products; the ultraviolet blocking rate is 417 times that of cotton, and the blocking rate is close to 100%.

The shortcomings of bamboo fiber products are: first, the finished bamboo fiber products are delicate and not as durable as cotton; second, bamboo fiber fabric products are not easy to machine wash, so gentle hand washing should be used Hand wash with liquid; third, bamboo fiber fabrics are easy to absorb moisture, have large wet elongation and large plastic deformation.

Bamboo fiber has the advantages of good quality consistency, long fiber length, good uniformity, very little short lint, and no impurities. The carding process of bamboo fiber varieties focuses on the main principles of flexible carding, less fiber damage, smooth fiber transfer, and smooth air flow. The vehicle speed should not be too low, but should be medium to fast to improve fiber transfer efficiency and reduce excessive combing and rubbing of fibers. The speed of cylinder and licker-in should be slow, and the speed of cover plate should be slow, which can reduce the amount of cover plate flowers, reduce flower drop, and improve the production rate. The main carding distance is larger than that of spinning cotton. By raising the height of the cotton feeding plate to increase the length of the carding process and reduce fiber damage, the first, second and third trash areas are adjusted to stabilize the air flow and reduce trash. The adjustment of air flow should be mainly done while observing and adjusting while driving. In addition, the mutual cohesion between bamboo fibers is worse than that of cotton. If the cotton web tension is too high, it is easy to cause web breakage, and more ends will break during driving. Therefore, the cotton web tension should be 1 to 2 gears lower than when spinning cotton. Table 7 is a process reference.

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