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Long-staple cotton is named after its longer fibers. Because of its excellent quality and soft and long fibers, it is known as "the best cotton" by the world. It is also a key material for spinni...

Long-staple cotton is named after its longer fibers. Because of its excellent quality and soft and long fibers, it is known as “the best cotton” by the world.

It is also a key material for spinning high-count yarns, top domestic products such as high-end yarn-dyed fabrics and home textiles, and high value-added textiles and clothing for export , without exception, it is necessary to use yarn with long-staple cotton as the main raw material. Xinjiang’s long-staple cotton is of excellent quality, and all quality indicators exceed national standards. The ones produced in Turpan are particularly good because their fibers are soft and long, white and shiny, and have good elasticity.

Long-staple cotton is now not only used in clothing, but also plays its own advantages in bedding production. Long-staple cotton has very high comfort and “texture”. Bedding made of long-staple cotton is warmer, has soft and long fibers, heats up quickly, and has strong warmth retention properties. And because long-staple cotton is finer and stronger than ordinary cotton, it has better softness. The growth cycle of long-staple cotton is 10 to 15 days longer than that of ordinary cotton, so the quality will be better.

Long-staple cotton drapes well and is silky smooth. In addition, the fabric has high color fastness and will not fade after being washed for a long time, making it more suitable for the production of bedding. It is also wear-resistant and durable, has good wrinkle resistance and is not easy to pill. It also has good breathability and moisture removal performance, and is 5 times more breathable than ordinary fabrics.

However, the growth requirements of long-staple cotton are different from those of ordinary cotton. Generally, they can only be compared in a high-temperature environment. Good growing produces long-staple cotton products. At the same time, it takes a long time to grow and mature, at least about ten days longer than ordinary cotton products. Because the fibers inside this product are relatively long, it is particularly suitable for weaving products with high count.

The products produced have very high density, beautiful appearance and certain water absorption. Long-staple cotton is ultimately a type of cotton fiber because it basically has the moisture-absorbing, breathable and soft properties of pure cotton.

Cardigan care methods:

1. Avoid placing strong Exposure to sunlight, otherwise it will damage the structure of the sheep fiber.

2. When the wool sweater deforms after washing, it can be restored to its original shape by using an iron to spray it.

3. It is best to wash the newly purchased woolen sweater once before formal wear, because in the production process of the woolen sweater. There will be some oil stains, paraffin, dust and other stolen goods in it, and the new woolen sweater will also smell of moth-proofing agent

4. Those who have the conditions can The dehydrated wool sweater should be dried at 80°C. If it is dried at room temperature, it is best not to use a hanger. Instead, use a clothes drying rod to hang the sleeves or lay them flat, and place them in a cool and ventilated place;

5. Frequently use a soft brush to remove the dust on the sweater to prevent the dust from affecting the sweater. Appearance;

6. It is best to prepare a few woolen sweaters to wear in rotation, which will give the natural elasticity of the sheep fabric time to recover;

7. After wearing the shirt, put it in a cool and dry place. You can also place some mothballs. Try to use hangers when storing;

8. There will be some wrinkle marks after machine washing or dehydration of woolen sweaters. Here is a simple method: put wet wool on the clothes and iron them at medium temperature to restore them to their original shape!

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