Popular yarn | Milk velvet: green and environmentally friendly fiber yarn

Milk protein fiber uses milk as the basic raw material. After dehydration, deoiling, defatting, separation and purification, it becomes a casein protein with a linear macromolecular structure; it i...

Milk protein fiber uses milk as the basic raw material. After dehydration, deoiling, defatting, separation and purification, it becomes a casein protein with a linear macromolecular structure; it is then co-produced with polyacrylonitrile using high-tech means. Mixing, cross-linking, grafting, and preparing the spinning solution; finally, it is made by wet spinning into fibers, solidification, drafting, drying, crimping, shaping, and short fiber cutting (filament winding).

It is a new type of animal protein fiber that is different from natural fibers, regenerated fibers and synthetic fibers. People also call it milk silk, Milk fiber. Milk protein fiber contains 17 kinds of amino acids. The pH value of the fiber is slightly acidic, consistent with human skin, and does not contain any carcinogens. It has natural antibacterial functions, good breathability and moisture conductivity, and can nourish and lubricate the skin. Milk protein also contains natural moisturizing factors, which can maintain the moisture content of the skin, make the skin softer and smoother, and reduce wrinkles, realizing people’s dream of taking a milk bath.

In terms of fabric and clothing functions, milk fiber has a variety of excellent fibers:

First, it is green and environmentally friendly. Since formaldehyde and azo additives or raw materials are not used, the formaldehyde content of the fiber is zero; it is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body and can nourish the skin; it has natural moisturizing factors to make the skin soft and smooth.

The second is good comfort. Its monofilament fineness, light specific gravity, elongation at break, curl elasticity, and curl recovery rate are closest to those of cashmere and wool. The fiber is fluffy and soft, and feels like cashmere: the fiber is white, has a silky natural luster, has an elegant appearance, and is resistant to sunlight. The fastness and anti-perspiration fastness reaches level 4-3.

The third is moisture absorption and heat conduction. Milk protein fibers are full of gaps and contain a large number of hydrophilic groups, which can quickly absorb human sweat and quickly dissipate it into the air to keep human skin dry. The three-dimensional porous microporous structure of the fiber and the groove structure on the longitudinal surface determine the fiber’s characteristics of being warm in winter and cool in summer.

Fourth, safe and durable. The dye uptake rate is high, and the color fastness reaches level 4 or above. The original performance of the product is still maintained after dyeing; it has natural antibacterial function, is more resistant to mildew and moth than wool and cashmere, and is durable, washable and easy to store; after washing It dries easily and maintains permanent product performance even after washing.

Milk protein fiber can be spun purely or blended with cashmere, silk, spun silk, cotton, wool, linen and other fibers. We develop high-end underwear, shirts, T-shirts, home textiles, etc. to meet people’s pursuit of comfortable, healthy and fashionable clothing. The fabric woven with 100% milk fiber is light, soft, smooth, breathable and moisture-conducting. It is suitable for making T-shirts, underwear and other casual home clothes: the fabric made of milk fiber and silk is thick, smooth and drapey. Good, suitable for making high-end clothing such as Tang suits, cheongsams, and evening dresses; the milk fiber elastic fabric woven by adding spandex (Lycra) to milk fiber is soft and has moderate elasticity, and is suitable for making knitted sports tops, rhythmic fitness clothes, and body-shaping underwear.

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