Popular yarn | Organza: silk texture, light and dancing

Organza is also called organza, organza, and organza. The English name is: Organza, a transparent or translucent gauze, mostly covered with satin or silk (Silk). The wedding dresses designed by ...

Organza is also called organza, organza, and organza. The English name is: Organza, a transparent or translucent gauze, mostly covered with satin or silk (Silk). The wedding dresses designed by the French mostly use organza as the main raw material.

plain, transparent. After dyeing, the color is bright and the texture is light. Similar to silk products, organza is very hard. As a chemical fiber lining and fabric, it is not only used to make wedding dresses, but also can be used to make curtains, dresses, Christmas tree ornaments, and various accessories. Bags can also be used to make ribbons.

Main components

Normal The ingredients of organza include: 100% poly, 100% nylon, polyester and nylon, polyester and rayon, nylon and rayon interwoven, etc. Through post-processing such as: creasing, flocking, hot stamping, coating, etc., it has more styles and a wider range of applications.

Production process

Organ yarn is made by stretching nylon or polyester mother yarn A kind of wooly monofilament prepared by twisting and then splitting, also called Green yarn.

organza Type


Domestic organza


Pleated organza


Multicolor organza


Imported organza


2040 organza


2080 organza


3060 organza


Common scale 20*20/40*40


Generally used as a fashion fabric for major European and American brands. Because of its crisp texture, it is often used in the production of wedding dresses, various summer gauze skirts, curtains, fabrics, performance clothes, etc.

Cost and sales price

The cost price of organza dresses sold in the market is 60 yuan to 90 yuan, and the sales price is about 100 yuan to 200 yuan. It mainly depends on the amount of materials used. If it is just a dress made of organza, the cost will be at least 80 yuan. Yuan, the sales price is around 130 Yuan. If it is a skirt, the cost is at least about 50 yuan, and the sales price is about 80 yuan. The above prices are for reference only, the actual prices are based on sales prices in various places.


1. It is not advisable to soak organza clothing in cold water for too long. Generally,5 to 10 minutes is best. It is best to choose neutral washing powder as a detergent. Do not machine wash. Please rub gently when washing by hand to prevent fiber damage.

2. Organza fabric is acid-resistant and not alkali-resistant, so it must be kept The color is bright. When washing, you can add a few drops of acetic acid to the water, soak the clothes in the water for about ten minutes, and then pick them up to dry. This can maintain the color of the clothes.

3. It is best to bring water to dry, cool and dry in the shade, turn the clothes over to dry, and do not expose them to the sun. Prevent affecting the strength and color fastness of the fiber.

4. Organza products should not be sprinkled with perfume, freshener, Deodorants, etc., and do not use mothballs during storage, as organza products will absorb odors or cause discoloration.

5. It is best to use hangers to hang clothes in the wardrobe, not hangers Use metal to prevent rust contamination. If it needs to be stacked, it should be placed on the top layer to avoid being compressed, deformed, and wrinkled due to long-term storage.

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