Popular Yarn | Silk and Linen: The luster of silk, the coolness and breathability of linen!

Silk: It is well-known silk, a kind of protein fiber. Silk fabric has excellent qualities such as silky smoothness, suppleness, silky luster, skin-friendly skin care, etc., and is known as As the ...

Silk: It is well-known silk, a kind of protein fiber. Silk fabric has excellent qualities such as silky smoothness, suppleness, silky luster, skin-friendly skin care, etc., and is known as As the “Queen of Fiber”.

hemp: generally refers to flax or ramie, a type of cellulose The fiber has the characteristics of high strength and low elongation. Linen fabrics have the characteristics of refreshing hand feeling, good moisture absorption and moisture conductivity, coolness and breathability. The combination of these characteristics is often called “hemp-feel” style.

Silk and linen: fiber is the combination of two Different materials and style characteristics are closely combined through certain technical means to form a new fabric style, which we call “silk and linen”.

Silk and linen fabric Hemp fiber is fiber obtained from various hemp plants, including ramie, jute, green hemp, hemp, flax, apocynum and kenaf. Hemp crops are not only used to make various cool fabrics and clothing, but can also be used to prepare raw materials for chemicals and drugs. Linen fabrics can also be divided into pure linen fabrics and linen blended fabrics.

Hemp fabric itself has many advantages, such as breathability, It has a unique cooling feeling and does not stick to the body when sweating; the color is brighter and has a natural luster; it has excellent thermal conductivity and hygroscopicity, is not sensitive to acid and alkali, and is anti-fungal. Silk and linen fabrics naturally have these advantages of linen fabrics, and can naturally be called superior products.

How to maintain silk and linen fabrics

First of all, use neutral detergent instead of ordinary soap. Do not rub vigorously or use a brush. Try to avoid machine washing. You can put it in a laundry bag when washing. Wash on gentle cycle;

Secondly, silk Both linen and linen wrinkle easily and have a low elastic recovery rate, so do not wring them out after washing, otherwise they will wrinkle easily.

Again, store folded, not hanging, otherwise the fabric will be damaged Deformation due to the influence of gravity, avoid soaking in hot water to avoid fading; clothes should be dried in the shade as much as possible to avoid strong sunlight, which will embrittle the silk;

Finally, silk is easy to dye and needs to be washed separately from other clothing , to prevent dyeing, the silk and linen fabrics have been shrunk before leaving the factory, so there will be no major problems

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