What are the advantages and disadvantages of lace fabric? How much does lace fabric cost?

The concept of lace was originally introduced from abroad. The fabric is designed to be hollow and porous with a lace structure. It can be used to make women's clothing and can also be used as deco...

The concept of lace was originally introduced from abroad. The fabric is designed to be hollow and porous with a lace structure. It can be used to make women’s clothing and can also be used as decorations. The raw materials for lace production can be cotton, polyester and nylon. , because the cost of polyester is relatively low, a large part of the lace fabrics currently on the market are made of polyester, and lace can be designed in both elastic and non-elastic styles according to demand. Below I will introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of lace fabrics.

Advantages of lace fabric:
Lace fabric has a wide range of uses. In addition to being used as clothing fabrics, it can also be used as accessories and decorations. This kind of hollow structure The fabric is very breathable and suitable for spring and summer clothing. The lace fabric has a beautiful appearance and can be jacquard, jacquard, etc. The raw materials of lace are easy to process, which can make the production of fabrics simpler. Lace fabrics made of polyester are more wear-resistant and less likely to deform, so this type of fabric is easier to care for. At the same time, you can choose elastic or non-elastic lace according to your needs. Cotton lace will have a better feel, but the overall price will be more expensive than polyester.

Disadvantages of lace fabric:
The lace fabric itself has no major flaws. It is best not to machine wash the fabric with a hollow structure. It is easy to be hooked by the washing machine and cause damage. The second is polyester lace. Pilling will gradually occur after washing, which will affect the appearance of the fabric to varying degrees.

Price of lace fabric:
The wholesale price of lace fabric is mainly concentrated between more than ten yuan to more than fifty yuan. Cotton ones are generally more expensive than polyester or nylon ones. There are also There are many kinds of lace fabrics for sale, and I will introduce a few to you below.

Jacquard lace: The composition of this lace fabric is 100% polyester fiber. The weight and width of the fabric are 120g/m² and 140cm respectively. The fabric is slightly stretchy and thin. , can be used in the production of dresses, tops and other clothing. The wholesale price of fabric is 25 yuan per meter.