What are the characteristics and benefits of linen fabric?

Flax is an annual plant that loves moisture and is cold-resistant. In addition to being used as oil, it can also be used to produce clothing fabrics. With its excellent moisture absorption and mois...

Flax is an annual plant that loves moisture and is cold-resistant. In addition to being used as oil, it can also be used to produce clothing fabrics. With its excellent moisture absorption and moisture conductivity, linen fabrics are often used by clothing manufacturers to produce spring and summer clothing. In addition, linen has many characteristics. In order to give everyone a deeper understanding of linen, I will introduce this fabric to you based on its characteristics and benefits.

Characteristics and benefits of linen fabric:
Fax is the earliest natural fiber used by people. Its strong hygroscopicity is the main feature of linen. It can absorb the equivalent of its own It is difficult for other fibers to achieve this with dozens of times the weight of water. In addition, flax has strong toughness and strength, which makes the flax fabric very wear-resistant and has a long service life. This is the main reason flax is used to make hemp rope.

The fiber structure of linen determines that it has good air permeability. Linen clothes are breathable and cool, which is very suitable for wearing in hot summer. Of course, the surface of linen is not smooth and feels “stringy” to the touch. Therefore, the newly bought linen clothes need to be washed with some softener first. Over time, the “prickly feeling” will disappear, which is also the biggest flaw of linen.

Lax also has antibacterial and anti-moth properties. Linen products will not become moldy under normal circumstances. In addition, linen also has the function of purifying the air. For example, it can absorb formaldehyde in the air and quickly remove it. It decomposes and volatilizes, which also makes many homeowners like to install linen curtains in new homes.

We also provide retail and wholesale services for a variety of linen fabrics. Friends who want to know the price of linen or want to buy linen fabrics can go to the mall in Hall 3 to check the details. Here are some recommended products sold in the store recently. The better linen fabric.

Line covered silk plain weave: This fabric is composed of 78% linen + 12% nylon. The width and weight of the fabric are 165cm and 180g/m² respectively. The fabric texture It is thin and moderately soft and can be used to produce T-shirts, cardigans, dresses and other clothing. The price of the fabric is 45 yuan per meter.

Thick pure linen fabric: The composition of this linen fabric is 100% linen, and the weight and width of the fabric are 170g/m² respectively. and 150cm. The fabric is skin-friendly, retro and fashionable. It is suitable for making T-shirts, cardigans, sun protection shirts, etc. The wholesale price of linen fabric is 45 yuan/meter.