What are the fabrics for pajamas? What fabric is the most comfortable for pajamas?

The quality of pajamas can directly affect people's sleep quality, and the key factor that determines the quality of pajamas is fabric. Pajamas made of high-quality fabrics are definitely more pers...

The quality of pajamas can directly affect people’s sleep quality, and the key factor that determines the quality of pajamas is fabric. Pajamas made of high-quality fabrics are definitely more personal and comfortable. Of course, pajamas in different seasons, The requirements for fabrics are also different. They can be mainly divided into two categories: spring and summer pajamas and autumn and winter pajamas. The following is a brief summary The editor will introduce to you several common pajama fabrics and which fabrics make pajamas more comfortable.

Pure cotton pajamas: This kind of pajamas is breathable and warm, suitable for wearing basically all year round. The pure cotton fabric is hygienic and healthy, will not irritate human skin and is suitable for close-fitting wear. Pure cotton It has a soft touch and excellent hygroscopicity. This type of pajamas is very comfortable to wear and can promote sleep to a certain extent. It is the preferred fabric for making pajamas.

Cotton and linen pajamas: Cotton and linen pajamas are mainly used in summer. Their main ingredients are cotton + linen. The presence of linen also makes the pajamas more breathable. At the same time, linen has strong hygroscopicity and can be absorbed quickly. It absorbs human sweat and evaporates it in the air, keeping human skin dry and comfortable all the time.

Flannel pajamas: This is a kind of pajamas used in winter. Flannel has fine fluff and soft touch. Its excellent thermal insulation properties help us resist the severe cold. The main advantages of flannel are The component is polyester fiber, which will have a better three-dimensional effect after being processed by brushing and raising. The fabric is more wear-resistant and not easy to wrinkle and shed. Of course, the price of flannel pajamas is not high, and the price comparison A high-end product.

Silk pajamas: The silk mentioned here generally refers to real silk, which is a kind of fabric with excellent drape and breathability made from mulberry silk as raw material after a series of processing processes. , silk has better quality and higher price. It is a kind of high-end textile fabric. The fabric feels smooth and the pajamas made from it are suitable for wearing in other seasons except winter.

The above is the relevant knowledge about pajama fabrics compiled for everyone. Pure cotton pajamas can be said to be the most comfortable, and the price of pure cotton is also quite affordable. When buying pajamas, you can give priority to pure cotton.