What are the functions of cationic fabrics? Are cationic fabrics good for the body?

Recently, many friends want to know about cationic fabrics, so this article will introduce to you the relevant knowledge of cationic fabrics, including the functions of cationic fabrics that every...

Recently, many friends want to know about cationic fabrics, so this article will introduce to you the relevant knowledge of cationic fabrics, including the functions of cationic fabrics that everyone is concerned about and whether cationic fabrics are good for the body.

First of all, cationic fabric is generally a fabric made of 100% polyester fiber (polyester), so the characteristics of the fabric are more or less related to polyester. When the fabric is produced, polyester yarn is used in the weft direction and cationic yarn is used in the warp direction. Of course, the cationic yarn and polyester yarn are first blended and then woven. Because the dyes used in the warp and weft directions are different, the cloth surface of the cationic fabric will have a double-sided effect. The above is some introduction to the concept of cationic fabrics. Let’s take a look at some functional properties of cationic fabrics.

Functions of cationic fabrics:
First of all, although the raw material of cationic fabrics is chemical fiber, it has hygroscopicity similar to pure cotton. This kind of fabric is comfortable to wear. There is no sense of restraint. Some sportswear and yoga clothes on the market are produced with cationic fabrics, and 5% to 10% spandex can also be spun into the fabrics during production. This can maximize the elasticity of the clothes, and elastic fabrics generally do not leave wrinkles after rubbing or folding, so cationic fabrics are very simple to take care of.

Cationic fabrics feel soft and have a two-color effect. The appearance of the fabric is very layered, and the fabric has good dyeability and color fixation. Therefore, generally the cationic fabrics I see are brightly colored. In addition to being used to make sportswear, it can also be used to produce underwear and swimwear.

Finally, there is polyester filament in the cationic fabric, which makes the fabric have the strength and toughness of polyester. The fabric made of it is wear-resistant and stretch-resistant, so the cationic clothes are also very durable. There is nothing special to pay attention to when it comes to washing and care.

Are cationic fabrics good for the body?
Cationic fabrics themselves are non-toxic and harmless, so the cationic fabrics we see on the market will not harm the human body, and the production and processing of fabrics require strict testing standards. Only fabrics that meet all indicators can be used. It can be used in the market, and as long as it is a cationic fabric from a regular source, it can be used with confidence.

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