What are the more common clothing fabrics?

Fabric is the main factor that determines the quality and use of clothing. As the technology of clothing textile and fabric processing becomes increasingly mature, the types of fabrics have expande...

Fabric is the main factor that determines the quality and use of clothing. As the technology of clothing textile and fabric processing becomes increasingly mature, the types of fabrics have expanded from simple cotton, linen, silk wool to bamboo fiber, cationic and other new fabrics. In addition to In addition to various styles, the functions of fabrics are also becoming more and more abundant. Here is an introduction to some commonly used clothing fabrics.

Pure cotton fabric:
Pure cotton fabric is our most common type of clothing fabric. Cotton is naturally pollution-free and can be grown in large quantities. It is made of The fabric feels soft and smooth. Pure cotton has excellent hygroscopicity and breathability, so pure cotton fabrics are very comfortable to wear. Of course, there are many types of pure cotton, which can be divided into combed cotton and bamboo according to different processes. In addition to being used in the production of clothing, pure cotton fabrics are also widely used in home textiles and bedding.

Linen fabric:
There are many types of linen fabrics, including flax, ramie, jute, etc., but the most commonly used linen fabric is flax. Super water absorption and wear resistance are common to linen fabrics. Characteristics, of course, linen is no exception. Secondly, linen has extremely strong breathability, which is very suitable for the production of summer T-shirts and other clothing. Linen also has antibacterial and deodorizing effects, which is why linen socks are becoming more and more popular. .

Polyester fabric:
Polyester (polyester fiber) is a type of chemical fiber. Polyester fabric has good strength and toughness, so the polyester clothes made from it will have good wear resistance. Of course, this type of fabric has the disadvantage that it is not very breathable, and the clothes will feel stuffy after being worn. The production cost of the fabric is low, which is why polyester fabrics are more competitive in the market.

Nylon (nylon) fabric
Nylon fabric is a kind of fabric that everyone is familiar with. Like polyester, it is also a chemical fiber. It also has good wear resistance. Compared with nylon and polyester, it will be more durable. With good elasticity, this type of fabric is elastic and does not feel restrictive when worn. It is also a very common fabric in the clothing market.

The above four types of clothing fabrics are relatively common. Of course, silk, animal fur, spandex and other fabrics are also very common clothing fabrics. The mall (www.tpu-ptfe.com) also provides wholesale and retail clothing of all the above fabrics. Friends who need wholesale fabrics can check the prices of fabrics in the mall.