What are the thermal fabrics? Where to wholesale thermal fabrics?

Clothes have two main functions, one is for decoration, and the other is to keep out the cold and keep warm. The appearance of the clothes is determined by the designer, and whether the clothes are...

Clothes have two main functions, one is for decoration, and the other is to keep out the cold and keep warm. The appearance of the clothes is determined by the designer, and whether the clothes are warm or not is largely determined by the characteristics of the fabric, especially In winter, warm clothing becomes particularly important, including our pajamas and coats. This article will introduce to you several fabrics with better warmth retention and where to wholesale these fabrics.

Pure cotton fabric: In addition to good moisture absorption and breathability, pure cotton fabric has excellent warmth retention properties. The cotton clothes we wear and winter covers All quilts are very good warm fabrics, and cotton can be mass-produced, so the price of cotton fabrics is not expensive. For natural fibers such as silk and wool, pure cotton fabrics will be more cost-effective. The following is a cotton fabric sold in the mall in Hall 3.

Thick double-layer quilted fabric: The specific composition of this fabric is 77.6% cotton + 22.4% polyester. The weight and width of the cotton fabric are 280g/m² and 160cm. The fabric is soft and slightly elastic, and the fabric is thicker and has excellent warmth retention. It can be used in the production of sweatshirts, coats and children’s clothes. The wholesale price of the fabric is 45 yuan/meter.

Wool fabric: Compared with pure cotton, wool has stronger warmth retention. The fluff of the fabric is fine and soft. Because the output of wool is limited, the price will naturally increase. Pure wool The fabric is generally used in the production of high-end clothing, such as trousers, suits and some woolen sweaters.

Wool woolen fabric: This fabric is a blended fabric. Its composition is 50% wool + 50% viscose. It has a higher gram weight of 580g/m². Its width The width is 1.5m. The texture is between pure wool fabric and chemical fiber imitation wool fabric. It has a plump wool surface and excellent warmth retention. The price of the fabric is 133 yuan per meter.

Mulberry silk fabric: Mulberry silk fabric also has excellent warmth retention. This natural fiber has good breathability, is non-toxic and harmless and will not irritate the human body. The silk quilts and silk clothes sold on the market are very competitive in winter.

Of course, there are also rabbit fur and other velvet fabrics that have good warmth retention properties. Hall 3 Mall (www.tpu-ptfe.com) provides wholesale services of various thermal fabrics, including Friends who need to buy thermal fabrics can check the prices in the mall.