What is Serotex? What are the advantages over ring spinning?

Siro yarn has a strand-like structure with less hairiness, making the fabric look smooth, smooth, soft, elastic, wear-resistant and breathable. It has become a yarn used for weaving high-end f...

Siro yarn has a strand-like structure with less hairiness, making the fabric look smooth, smooth, soft, elastic, wear-resistant and breathable. It has become a yarn used for weaving high-end fabrics. In recent years, Siro yarn has been mass-produced in the cotton spinning industry. Production practice has proved that Siro spinning technology has the same advantages as compact spinning technology and can reduce yarn hairiness. Because two rovings are fed, if the two rovings use different raw materials and colors, blended yarns and mixed-color yarns can be produced, which expands the variety of ring spinning yarns.


What is Sirotex

Siro spinning is a spinning method that spins yarn with a ply-like structure on a traditional ring spinning machine. Two rovings kept at a certain distance are fed into the spinning machine. After drafting, the two single yarn slivers are output from the front roller, and due to the transfer of twist, the single yarn slivers have a small amount of twist. After being spliced, they are further twisted into a ply-like yarn and wound. on the bobbin. Siro spinning is also called double twist spinning, which is called A and B yarns in China.


Spinning Principle

The spinning principle is that two rovings are drawn into the drafting area of ​​the spinning frame in parallel, drawn in a parallel state, and come out from the clamping point of the front roller to form two fiber bundles maintained at a certain distance. , after being lightly twisted for the first time, are merged at the joint point, and then the twisting is strengthened again and taken up on the yarn judging tube to become Sero spinning yarn.

The basis of this technology is a pair of additional rollers, which are mounted together with a simple clamp on the drafting arm of the spinning frame. These patented rollers have a special grooved surface that changes the way the fibers are twisted into the drafting strands without any impact on regular operation. It is also compatible with automatic doffing of the finished yarn. It is in no way different from regular yarn, but abrasion tests clearly show its very superior quality. This process ensures that the fibers are firmly locked into the structure of the yarn, making the yarn smoother and thus resistant to continuous running on the loom. Friction and wear.

Advantages of Sirotex:

1 , the yarn has high breaking strength;

2. Large elongation at break;

3. Hairiness is greatly reduced;

4. Good wear resistance and pilling resistance;

5. Thickness and details are significantly reduced;

6. Reduced flying flowers in the workshop;

7. Save energy and labor;

8. Low equipment investment.


Yarn structure and performance

Yarn structure

◎The fibers on the surface of the yarn are neatly arranged and the yarn structure is tight

◎Smooth appearance, nearly circular cross-sectional shape, and obvious double helix structure

◎ The overall structure is more similar to single yarn, but has the style and advantages of strands

Yarn Performance

◎The yarn has high breaking strength;

◎break stretch Larger length;

◎Reduced hairiness;

◎Wear-resistant Good elasticity and pilling resistance;

◎Compared with ordinary ring spinning: Evenness, thick spots, and neps are all slightly improved.


Comparison between siro spinning and ring spinning

1 improvement

This is because siro spinning is fed from two rovings and merged in the drafting area, so evenness and thick details have varying degrees. improve.

2 Improvement of hairiness

is because in the spinning triangle The single yarn is slightly twisted first, and then twisted again. The sliver has become a cylinder at the main twist point, which is conducive to the entanglement of the fiber ends into the yarn body.

3 Powerful addition

It is because the whiskers have a triangular twisting area at the output of the front roller. The whiskers are twisted together under the action of tension to form double center yarns similar to strands. When the force is applied, the two whiskers squeeze each other, making it difficult for the fibers to slip off, and the hairiness is low, and the fiber utilization rate is high, so the strength is high.

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