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What is acelon fiber? Asilon fiber uses ultra-fine powdering technology to crush wool into protein powder with suitable particle size The body is subjected to special process protection treatment...

What is acelon fiber?

Asilon fiber uses ultra-fine powdering technology to crush wool into protein powder with suitable particle size The body is subjected to special process protection treatment, and the protein composite fiber is prepared through the regenerated cellulose fiber production process. Different from the traditional regenerated protein fiber preparation technology, it avoids protein dissolution and does not destroy the original structure of the protein. It eliminates environmental pollution caused by the subsequent cross-linking and curing process of the traditional process, and realizes the microstructure of cellulose materials and proteins. The perfect coexistence of materials not only maintains the original excellent characteristics of cellulose fiber, but also has a unique cross-sectional shape and extremely high moisture absorption and heating value. It is a new, healthy, fashionable, green and environmentally friendly ecological textile fiber that can breathe naturally.
01. Preparation technology
Using protein to modify cellulose fibers, combined with a special molding process, a new cellulose fiber with linen-like characteristics was prepared through a wet spinning process. The preparation process of asilon fiber is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Preparation process of aislon fiber

02. Characteristics of fibers and products
The main specification of short fiber is 1.33dtex×38mm and 1.67dtex×38mm. The cross section and longitudinal section of the fiber are shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3 respectively.

Figure 2 Fiber Cross section

Figure 3 Fiber longitudinal section

The main features of acelon fiber are:
(1) The raw materials are naturally renewable, the fiber can be naturally degraded, and it is green and environmentally friendly;
(2) It has a unique “C” shaped hollow cross-section with excellent moisture absorption and heating performance;
(3) It is rich in amino acids and has good skin care properties;
(4) Antibacterial performance Durable;
(5) It has a cashmere-like feel, smooth and beautiful;
(6) Excellent dyeing performance, round texture and good gloss;
Aislon fiber The main quality indicators are shown in the table:

Main quality indicators of asilan fiber

03. Application fields of fiber
Knitting field: underwear, T-shirts, shirts , pajamas, etc.;
Woven field: home clothing, jeans, home textile bedding, etc.;
Knitting field: knitted sweaters;
Tatting field: linen and silk blended products, etc.
04. Production application technology

The fiber has good cohesion and affinity and is suitable for most spinning technologies. It can be spun purely or combined with cashmere and silk. , spun silk, cotton, wool, linen and other fibers are blended. The yarn quality is excellent and the hairiness is less, ensuring the smooth appearance of the fabric.

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