Wonderful circle yarn

Introduction to circle yarn:Loop yarn is a type of fancy yarn, generally composed of core yarn, It consists of three parts: pressure line (sometimes also called reinforcement line) and decorative ...

Introduction to circle yarn:

Loop yarn is a type of fancy yarn, generally composed of core yarn, It consists of three parts: pressure line (sometimes also called reinforcement line) and decorative line.

Core yarn and pressing yarn are often made of woolen raw materials such as chemical fiber filament or acrylic fiber.

The decorative yarn is the part that is looped on the floral twisting machine. It can be yarn of various woolen raw materials or cotton roving

Features of circle yarn:

finished yarn of circle yarn There are regular circle effects on it. The circles are small and full. From a distance, they look like tiny velvet grains. The fabric is very warm.

The circles are not delicate and soft, and they have no flamboyant characteristics. They look like they can be picked up in a handful Soap bubbles are like soft and waxy sandbag particles. The density of the finished loop yarn is higher than that of ordinary yarn, so its warmth retention is also stronger than that of ordinary yarn.

Loop yarn has a strong three-dimensional decorative effect and is mainly used for knitting and weaving. Finished clothes, hats, scarves, socks, etc. can be used.

Product usage:

1. Professionally used in various woolen products, knitted products, clothing, and textiles.

2. Suitable for high-end POLO shirts, T-shirts, shirts and business socks, etc.

3. Widely used in sweaters, sportswear, pants and other fabrics.

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